Growing up in an environment where one needs to be aware of their surroundings; self-defense was just a necessary reaction. In 1988 he enrolled in karate classes with the sole aim of self-defense.
Over time, he discovered that not only had karate helped build his confidence, it had helped him to be self-disciplined, improved his street awareness and even more, improved him physically and mentally. The art of karate had completely changed his initial mindset. Karate had helped to develop the warrior spirit in him.
Over the years, karate has molded him to become a better person and like any other sport, one can't get better without practice. So his 17 years of karate experience has created a positive influence in his life, made him independent in his school life, career and social life. He is just one of those many examples of the success stories of karate and this is why he encourages it to everyone especially women and children. Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confidence booster as much as it is a reassurance. Although, the physical aspect has kept him fit and benefits the development of his personality; to his credit are several medals which he has won by participating in many local and national karate competitions.
Abdullah U. Maigaskiya obtained his first-degree black belt in 2000 and in 2010, he earned his second-degree black belt graded by the Karate Union of Great Britain. Abdullah is in his early 30's. He lives in Abuja. Professionally, he is a full-time photographer and you can check out his work via Instagram @maigaskiya. He loves to sing, travel, read books and love to learn other cultures.